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Twitch Turbo is a premium service that allows users to access an uninterrupted streaming experience, without the annoyance of advertisements that can often disrupt the viewing process. This service is designed for people who are passionate about their content and want to fully immerse themselves in their favorite streams without any distractions. By subscribing to Turbo on Twitch, users can enjoy a range of benefits beyond ad-free viewing, including personalized emotes, exclusive chat badges and priority customer support. This service is a great choice for those who want to support their favorite creators while improving their own streaming experience. This article will briefly discuss Twitch Turbo and its benefits, subscription price, and some alternatives.

What is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch is a live streaming site based in the United States it is live streaming of video games, sports matches and videos of creative content and real-time streams. You can start streaming on Twitch while using the right tool and software for streaming. The biggest downside to Twitch streaming is the ads. It is the most horrible experience to watch videos on it. But everyone wants to enjoy this type of stream or recorded video. Therefore, Twitch Turbo is the best option to end these unnecessary interruptions in your videos. Turbo is a paid subscription plan allowing the user to control advertisements.

Benefits of Twitch Turbo

TurboTwitch is a means by which millions of people come together to work together, discuss and share experiences and creative ideas. Turbo has many advantages and good opportunities for the user to explore videos. You can also change your visual settings like the main game user does.

Ad-free viewing

Watch with a Turbo subscription means no interruptions, no mid-rolls and no promotional display ads. To generate more revenue, Twitch allowed streamers to advertise clips using Turbo. These advertisements will no longer be broadcast. Viewers will enjoy long-term access to ad-free videos based on their subscriptions.

Expanded Streaming Storage

After purchasing a subscription to Turbousers will be able to save their videos for 60 days instead of 14 days; For streamers, it is quite a unique way to gain more viewers and subscribers and catch up on their stream and for viewers, it will be an advantage to use these techniques.

Exclusive chat badge

Twitch Turbo provides chat features through which users can change username colors to differentiate their favorite streamers. At the same time, chat if you see the purple battery with a bolt icon. You will know that the user is using Turbo to watch the videos. The main purpose of the icon is to distinguish between paid and unpaid members. Twitch Prime users also have access to these features.

Extended emoticon set

There are three basic categories of emotes in Turbo and Twitch Prime. For example, you can choose monkey emoticons or cat and pip emoticons. These emote looks are similar to smiling robots. These emotes have no effect on channel-specific emotes.

Visual Settings

You can change visual settings in the same way as top notch game users. You will be able to choose the cat color you want to apply. You can also change the display name and its colors. There are many standard color options, but you can also choose the HEX color code.

Customer service

Twitch offers you the most comprehensive customer support after purchasing the Turbo subscription. The support team responds to all your requests as soon as possible. If you are stuck somewhere in Twitch, you should contact the support team. The support team resolves these issues as soon as possible.

Twitch Subscriptions

Twitch Turbo vs. Prime Gaming

There are many common features between Turbo and Prime Gaming, Twitch Prime is the old name of Prime Gaming. Both Twitch Turbo and Prime subscriptions offer similar visual settings options with custom colors for chats and emotes. Prime games can only be accessed by obtaining an Amazon Prime subscription. On Turbo subscriptions, users can watch game streams without any ads. Prime Gaming allows users to subscribe to their favorite channel for free for a month. The most profitable aspect of Prime is its integration with Amazon Prime. As a result, users get their subscriptions to Turbo. You can subscribe to both at once without any problem. If you already have a Twitch Prime subscription, Turbo will not be effective for you because Prime covers all the main functions of Turbo.

Twitch Subscriptions

Likewise, like other social networks, you can also subscribe to a channel or streamer on Twitch Turbo to see their future videos and activities. When you subscribe to a streamer on Turbo, it’s a kind of financial support provided to them on your behalf. Mainly, Twitch only has a monthly subscription package but also gives automatic subscription renewal for one year. But you can cancel the subscription plan at any time. Stop this by simply clicking “Do Not Renew” on the subscription page.

To subscribe to a Twitch channel, Open the stream and click on the subscribe option in the upper right corner of the video. If the subscribe button does not appear, your channel is not eligible for subscription. After proceeding with the subscription option, select the tier option according to your needs and requirements. You can also gift Turbo your subscription to other free viewers. After subscribing, you can manage your subscription directly by clicking on your display image then on Subscriptions.

A subscription is a paid subscription to a specific channel. Turbo offers a wide range of payment options to its users; you can pay or receive the amount via credit or debit card, PayPalPaysafecard, Amazon Pay, etc.

You do not need to enable any ad blockers if you are already a Turbo subscriber. As a result, the streamer will not generate any income from you. So if you want to support your streamer, you should only use Twitch Turbo.

How much is Twitch Turbo worth?

The minimum price for a tier subscription is US$4.99/month. This subscription will be for a specific channel that you choose to view and is only accessible on one device. To subscribe to a second channel, there will be a separate price. The subscription with an additional sub-emote with all other feature prices US$9.99/monthand two additional emote rates for subs at US$24.99/month.

Alternatives to Twitch Turbo:

Twitch Turbo is undoubtedly a great source for gamers and viewers to enjoy a user-supported experience; if for any reason you cannot use it

YouTube games:

YouTube Gaming is a dedicated gaming platform from YouTube that offers live broadcast, game content and the ability to interact with creators. Although it does not offer a specific ad-free subscription like TurboTwitchYouTube Premium offers an ad-free experience across all of YouTube, including gaming content.

Games on Facebook:

Facebook Gaming is a platform that allows users to stream and watch live gaming content. It integrates with Facebook’s social features, allowing users to interact with the gaming community through live chat and interactive features. It displays advertisements and users can support their favorite creators through various monetization options.


Twitch Turbo is one of the best ways to watch videos without ads. Turbo is the best strategy for the company to balance its income, and for the user, it is the most convenient method to support their streamer. Many people watch Twitch on PC or gaming consoles for a better experience; this experience could be bad with the irritation of the advertisements; however, the use of Turbo Subscriptions can be useful to bring monitoring according to their needs. The article includes all the basic guidelines that a Twitch user wants to know. Users will be able to choose a suitable plan after reading the benefits and features.

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