Top 8 Accounting Software Services for Businesses

Accounting software has become an absolute necessity for businesses of all sizes. They are essential for managing finances and associated activities, including expenses and profits. In this way, organizations can manage their businesses and survive in this competitive environment. As the importance of these tools increases, there are many options available on the web, making it difficult for individuals to find the best one. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to provide you with an overview of the 8 best accounting software services you should acquire for your business.

Best Accounting Software Services for Business

As mentioned, a vast collection of accounting software services is available on the web. All of them promise to provide all the features required for exceptional financial management. But we have selected the top 8 and detailed their characteristics below. You need to understand them well and determine which one will best suit your needs. Also consider their price and your budget to make a quality purchasing decision.

1 – QuickBooks

Quick Books

Quick Books Online is one of the most used accounting software, compatible with businesses of all sizes. Cloud-based operation helps you manage multiple financial activities, including billing, expenses, and financial reporting. Other features are:

It allows integration with third-party applications. You can generate profit/loss statements for better financial understanding. A simple interface allows everyone to use it.


Simple start: $97.20 per year

Essential: $145.80 per year

More: $205.20 per year

2 – Zoho Books

Zoho Books

Secondly, we have placed Zoho Books in this list of best accounting software for businesses. Zoho Corporation developed this advanced tool to simplify the bank reconciliation process to ensure Bookkeeping account. Additionally, it has the following attributes.

You can track expenses and categorize them according to a certain standard. The built-in collaboration tool allows multiple people to work simultaneously. Zoho Books automates payments and recurring billing for added convenience.


Standard: $10 per month

Professional: $20 per month

Prime: $30 per month

Elite: $100 per month

Ultimate: $200 per month

3 – NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP

Oracle, a leading partner for businesses of all sizes, launched its accounting software, NetSuite ERP. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning, which means it is a complete solution for managing finances as well as overall resources. Thus, it allows your business to run smoothly. Its main features are:

Comprehensive ERP functionality to streamline the use of all resources. You will get real-time reports and analytics to modify your work strategy accordingly. Netsuite offers automation to make several tedious tasks easier.


There is no announced pricing structure to exploit the potential of Netsuite ERP. Instead, you will receive personalized prices when contacting us.

4 – Fresh books

Fresh books

FreshBooks is designed for businesses of all sizes and independent professionals. It primarily focuses on working with customers to streamline the transaction process. Moreover, you can track the details anytime and from anywhere as it works on a cloud basis. Other features are as follows.

The mobile app is available for on-the-go tracking. Robust billing and time tracking functionality is built-in. The standard interface is extremely easy to use.


light: $3.40 per month

More: $6 per month

Prime: $11 per month

5 – Financial Wave

Financial Wave

Wave is another brilliant accounting software that can better meet the requirements of all individuals. Whether you are a entrepreneur, business owner or independent, you can opt for this platform to manage your finances. Additionally, you can keep track of your spending and money earned. Some other features are as follows.

Wave offers payroll services to enable businesses to pay their employees’ salaries. Users can simply categorize their experiences according to different criteria. The platform can also integrate banks to automatically import transactions.


Billing: 0$

Accounting: 0$

Mobile receipts: $8 per month

Pay: $40 per month

Advisors: $149 per month

6 – Intact sage

Intact sage

Although Sage Intacct is not as popular as Zoho or Wave, it is one of the best cloud-based financial management and accounting software. Generally, it is not suitable for new startups due to its advanced infrastructure. You can use its potential for ledger management. Its attribute of financial reporting and automation has no replacement. Above all, he possesses the following qualities.

Sage Intacct can handle many financial tasks simultaneously. You can generate customizable reports to find key performance indicators.


Just like NetSuite ERP, you need to send a request for pricing details as no plan is officially announced.

7 – Xero


Xero is the best accounting software service for small and medium businesses. It has a solid infrastructure that integrates different invoicing, expense tracking and collaborative financial management tools. Additionally, the intuitive interface is extremely easy to use. The main features of this tool are:

You can integrate third-party apps for better results. Xero provides you with immense collaboration tools for enhanced team communication. You can also access financial data and reconcile bank transactions.


Entrance: $29 per month

Standard: $46 per month

Prime: $62 per month

8 – Free agent

Free agent

Finally, we have placed FreeAgent in this guide on the best accounting software services for businesses. This platform is widely known for its simple interface to simplify financial tasks such as invoicing and calculating taxes. Additionally, it provides insight into a better management plan. FreeAgent has the following exclusive features.

It is the best platform for small businesses as well as freelancers. The affordable price allows you to save a larger amount on spending on other software. Streamline the accounting process with integration automation tools.


A universal pricing plan is available in addition to the free plan. You can subscribe to it for just $10 per month.

Final verdicts

It is necessary to select the right accounting software service so that businesses can streamline finances management as well as associated activities. As a result, you can track your spending and make more informed decisions for better sustainability in this saturated, bloated and competitive world. By managing transaction history and gaining insight into potentially damaging areas, you can eliminate them to increase the gap between profits and expenses. So you can survive and defeat your competitors. Just understand the features of the software mentioned in this guide and choose the best one according to your needs.

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