Samsung PL120 Camera Review Features and Pricing Details

Samsung PL120 is one of those old cameras which are always in high demand due to their exceptional image capturing capabilities and sturdy construction. The first model was released in 2011 and is very useful for creating self-portraits. Additionally, some related components have improved their operation and ensure a smooth experience. So, you can enjoy high-end photos of yourself with this camera. Although technological advances have allowed companies to generate amazing products, people are still looking for that fantastic camera. We developed this guide to cover all of its features and pricing details.

Features of the Samsung PL120

After researching the web and testing the product, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the main features of the Samsung PL120 camera. You need to understand them before making a purchasing decision.

1 – Design

Samsung is always known for offering stylish product designs that give an elegant and classic look. The same thing happened in the case of Samsung PL120 when it was launched in 2011. Manufacturers focused intensely on using components that were not only robust but also lightweight. As a result, they have made this product highly portable and easy to carry anywhere. Additionally, it is available in multiple colors so you can choose the one that suits your preferences.

2 – Build quality

In the previous section, we talked about the sturdy construction of this camera. This point will also expand on the same. THE Samsung PL120 features a solid design with aluminum and steel components. Thus, it gives robustness and solidity to this gadget, making it very resistant to daily wear and tear. Additionally, the stainless steel coating prevents it from rusting and other environmental damage, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for an extended duration.

3 – Sensor

THE Samsung PL120 presents a brilliant 14.2 megapixel CCD sensor with a size of 6.17 x 4.55 mm. So you can capture relatively high quality images. The sensor offers a maximum resolution of 4608 x 3456 pixelsmaking your photos and videos more immersive and engaging.

4 – Objective

Samsung PL120 is fully integrated with several features and components that are very trendy in the modern world. It represents Samsung’s advanced manufacturing model and its orientation towards the latest technological advancements. They have integrated a 5x optical zoom lens into this camera, equivalent to 26mm. As a result, it can provide a maximum aperture of f/3.3 for better image quality.

5 – Autofocus

Autofocus is a feature that is missing in most cameras, even with modern technology. However, you can enjoy this benefit with Samsung PL120 as it features multiple autofocus modes to focus on the desired elements only inside the image. This way, you can dethrone all unnecessary things or elements in your videos and images. The main autofocus modes are center-weighted autofocus, multi-point autofocus, face tracking, and single autofocus.

6 – LCD screen

THE Samsung PL120 has a bright and clear 1.5 inch LCD screen. Therefore, it becomes easier to take self-portraits with unique pixels and quality. Above all, the screen is more vibrant and clear. This way you can see the subject clearly and ensure that you are capturing images from the best angle. Furthermore, the 2.7-inch rear screen offers the same advantages.

7 – Intelligent automatic mode

Another interesting feature of this masterpiece camera is its Intelligent automatic mode. The implication of this technology in the Samsung PL120 the camera has made it incredibly beneficial for beginners. It can automatically adjust different elements such as brightness and aspect ratio. Additionally, auto mode detects weather and surrounding conditions to apply the best filters for enhanced photos. You don’t have to worry about camera settings with this camera and just save your memories.

8 – HD video recording

We detailed previously that the Samsung PL120 was developed in 2011 when there wasn’t much technology available. However, this exceptional item can record videos in 720p HD quality with a speed or frequency of 30 frames per second. Additionally, a built-in microphone lets you capture clear audio. Therefore, you can use its potential to create quality vlogs or adventure videos.

9 – Shooting modes

Samsung PL120 is not only for simple images or videos, but also for adding different layers of filters and themes. Several shooting modes are present, including Movie, Scene and Camera. This way, you can enjoy the required kind of photos and videos.

10 – Special effects

Unlike other traditional cameras, which do not have special effects to make images and videos more attractive, the Samsung PL120 features a range of special effects and filters. You can apply to any of them right after clicking the photos to see which one will yield the most convincing results. Some special effects of this gadget are Soft Focus, Old Film and Half Tone Dot.

11 – Other features

In addition to the features mentioned in the paragraphs above, the Samsung PL120 has several others. It supports electronic image stabilization to ensure that you can take stable photos. Additionally, it has a built-in flash to improve image quality even in the dark.

Samsung PL120 camera price

Samsung PL120 becomes famous again thanks to its affordable price. You can buy it from local stores as well as online platforms just for $149.99. It is therefore the top priority for photographers who want to take exceptional images without breaking the bank.

Samsung PL120 camera price

Final verdicts

THE Samsung PL120 has influenced the world with its incredible features and design since its launch in 2011. Manufacturers have incorporated sturdy elements in its development, making it usable for long periods of time. Besides the sleek design, the front and rear screens allow you to capture perfect photos and videos. You can also add filters and special effects to your click using built-in tools. Autofocus and Intelligent Autofocus modes streamline several essential elements to improve results. Above all, its affordable price has made it accessible to everyone.

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