How to get Google to index your website

You’ve finally clicked publish on a great web page. Well done! But don’t assume that Google will automatically find it and start including it in its search results.

Here’s a guide to learn more about how Google indexing works.

What is Google Index?

Nothing will appear in Google search results without The Google Spider, or a robot, finding it first. The spider crawls every page on the Internet – a mind-boggling number – and identifies any new or recently updated pages.

The crawler sees how well the page is optimized, a process known as search engine optimization. Then he places it in what you might think of as the digital equivalent of a huge filing cabinet. This cabinet is the Index.

From there, Google’s algorithm sorts all the pages in the index, or digital filing cabinet, and reorganizes them. The highest quality pages go in the top drawer. These pages appear on the first page of Google search results when a person enters certain keywords into the search box.

index your website

How to make sure your web page gets into Google’s index

Google will eventually find all newly published or recently updated web pages. However, this could take weeks or even months. If you want, there is a way to speed up the Google indexing process.

Here is the process:

Go to Google Search Console.Sign in with your Google account (or create one).In the upper left corner or on the first screen, you will be asked to add a property.Add the URL to your website or page.Verify ownership through Google’s simple process.

Sound like busy work? It kind of is. That’s why at SEO Design Chicago, we offer a variety of packages to meet all of your website management needs.

Another way to be recognized by the Google index

There’s an even faster way to get your web pages showing up in Google search results.

Every website contains computer code, called an XML site.

You can see if your website already has one, or if you need to create one, by typing your URL with the words “sitemap” at the end, like this:

If you don’t have a sitemap, SEO Design Chicago can create one for you and submit it to Google Search Console.

This method is an even faster way to ensure that Google indexes your site immediately!

Google indexing

But even after following these steps, you may still have trouble convincing Google to index your site.

The steps outlined above are quite easy to do on your own. Unfortunately, sometimes Google still won’t index your website after following these steps.

This usually happens when there is a deeper problem with your website. Some reasons include:

Your website is not easily visible on mobile phonesYou have too many broken hyperlinks on your websiteImages on your site load too slowlyYou don’t have enough quality content on your site

Get Help Indexing Your Website with SEO Design Chicago

At SEO Design Chicago, we can review your website if it is not about indexing in Google. We can then suggest the best next steps. We can do the legwork for you, or at least help you get started.

Some common solutions we offer for Google indexing issues include:

Website builders make it easy to get a website online. But once it’s live, you need to make sure the site is optimal for Google to find it and rank it highly in its search results. We are happy to help you !

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