How is Chhath celebrated in Nepal 2023

How is Chhath celebrated in Nepal 2023 by bathing sacredly, fasting, abstaining from ingesting water (vrata), standing in water and providing prasad (prayer choices) and Arghya at setting and rising solar? Some devotees additionally carry out a prostration stroll heading in the direction of the banks of the river.

It’ll unfold to Nepal and India the place they are going to go to the banks of rivers to hope for the solar whereas conserving time within the morning. Even many masks will probably be worn on the river financial institution aspect. More often than not this Chhath will belong to the place the place the lady is seen doing this Chhath puja.

An summary of the Chhath competition

Chhath, often known as ‘Surya Shashthi’, is devoted to Lord Surya, the Solar God, and Chhathi Maiya. It lasts for 4 days and is the time when individuals specific their gratitude to the Solar for supporting life on Earth. The competition is well known with immense devotion and rigorous rituals, and sometimes falls in October or November.

Day One: Nahai Khai

The competition begins with ‘Nahai Khai.’ Devotees bathe in a river, lake or pond and convey again water to wash their properties. On today, they quick and devour the meals cooked within the sacred water.

Second day: Kharna

The second day, often called ‘Kharna‘, the trustworthy quick all through the day. Within the night, they put together a particular Prasad, which consists of jaggery, sweets and fruits. After providing this to the Solar God, they break their quick.

Day Three: Sandhya Arghya

The third day, ‘Sandhya Arghya‘, consists of providing prayers to the setting solar. Devotees go to the riverside or any water physique, providing Arghya to the solar, adopted by a grand celebration.

Day 4: Usha Arghya

The final day, ‘Usha Arghya‘, begins earlier than daybreak. Devotees head in the direction of the river to supply Arghya to the rising solar. This marks the conclusion of the competition.

Chhath celebrations throughout Nepal

Chhath is celebrated with nice enthusiasm in varied areas of Nepal, particularly within the Terai area. Cities like Birgunj, Janakpur and Biratnagar come alive with the colourful traditions and rituals related to the competition.


Chhath celebrated in Nepal 2023 is a exceptional competition that showcases the wealthy cultural heritage and deep religious connections of the Nepali individuals. It’s a time of devotion, household unity and homage to the life-giving Solar. To witness the grandeur of this competition, plan your go to through the competition interval and immerse your self within the vibrant traditions of Chhath.

Chhath is well known yearly which belongs to the month of November or October needed to be checked there. A few of the well-known components have been talked about within the aspect of the paragraph. Some events will do this stuff.


What’s the historical past of Chhath in Nepal?

Chhath has a protracted historical past in Nepal, courting again to historic instances. It’s talked about within the Puranas and is of nice cultural and spiritual significance.

When is the perfect time to witness Chhath celebrations in Nepal?

Chhath normally falls in October or November. Plan your go to throughout this time to expertise the large celebrations.

Are there any particular rituals to observe throughout Chhath?

Whereas taking part, it’s important to take care of purity, quick and supply prayers to the Solar God. Respect native customs and traditions.

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