Chhath Puja Date 2080 in Nepal

Chhath Puja Date 2080 in Nepal takes place on Sunday, November 19, 2023, or Mangsir 3 2080. All those who will be living under the Terai part of Nepal as well as the people on the Indian side will celebrate this Chhat Puja.

After completing the Tihar Festival, the Cat Puja will start in 4 days. Most people will use this chhat puja from the feminine side. People will go to the riverside to do puja with the sun rising in the morning.

Even the Cat Puja will be a local public holiday in Nepal. This chat will take place as part of the Mangsir or Kartik month; he will stand there. Most of the time, both months will occur every year; it might change the date and time there.

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