Check out the 14 “Do Nothing” Dream Jobs That Make Big Money

When the news broke about a high-paying job in which the worker would be asked to participate in an experiment by taking a nap in 30 days, many people responded that it was their dream job. Sleeping for work sounds wonderful.

Hard work pays, but some jobs pay much more without requiring hard work. Here are 14 jobs that many may call dream jobs because they barely do anything.

1. Vacant Video Game Studio Producer

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A video game studio producer receives $150,000 per year to help produce high-quality cutscenes and animations. While there are busy seasons, there are also months when they do nothing at all.

Imagine getting paid for four months when all you had to do was go to work, chat with coworkers, and wait for projects to come in.

2. Online Learning Assistant

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Working as an E-learning assistant may not seem like much since it is most often a part-time job. The job description only covers assisting those at the university who are new to Zoom. They can do nothing for months.

The pay may not be high compared to other jobs, but it is significantly higher when you get paid to do nothing.

3. An artistic director of a financial institution

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An art director sounds like a posh job and the position certainly comes with a high salary. When art directors are hired by private companies like financial institutions and are only required to ensure branding guidelines, they don’t do much.

If you love the arts and are qualified, why not try this position?

4. Senior Data Engineer

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Being a senior data engineer comes with some responsibility, but it doesn’t justify hard work. Since data models and reports can be run for troubleshooting purposes, tasks become much easier. And they get paid about $120,000 a year.

The downside is that it can get boring, so you just have to be passionate about boring things.

5. Reply to the service worker

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Answering service employees working night shifts are a dream come true. It’s very rare to get a call at night, and they end up watching TV, read books, and play on their phones. And yes, they still get paid with or without calls during their shift.

Can you imagine spending your working hours doing everything you love? How I wish it was me.

6. Pilot during the pandemic

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many airlines were grounded. But that doesn’t mean the pilots were unemployed. Many of them were still considered employees and were fully paid during the two years the pandemic affected the world.

It’s not like the pandemic is a good thing, but getting paid for doing nothing seems really good.

7. Network Engineer

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A network engineer is one of the dream jobs that requires less effort than most jobs. Some network engineers can even work from home. The workload is also pretty cold.

If you want to work from home, just sit back and still get paid, this might be a good option to consider.

8. WFH In-House Lawyer

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A corporate lawyer working from home is another dream job for many. Some people spend ninety-five percent of their work time on their hobbies or whatever they want. The remaining five percent is spent on brainstorming, meetings, and responding to emails.

If you want a laid back life where you can do whatever you want and still get paid, you can try this profession.

9. Security of Government Facilities

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Working security for a government facility can be either laid back or stressful, depending on the current situation. On a normal, peaceful workday, they spend their time walking around, sitting, and watching TV.

The wrong side? When it’s a bad day at work, it’s an incredibly stressful day full of security breaches. Choose your poison.

10. Customer Support Staff

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Being a customer service staff member can also be a dream come true for some, especially when the customers they deal with generally don’t need help.

No customers to help means nothing to do but still get paid. Luck is, however, an important factor in this work.

11. UX Worker

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UX employees who work on sites and apps often only work one to three hours per day. They have the ability to configure WFM and experience six-digit pain.

Take courses and learn everything about UX!

12. School gym staff

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Another idle job you can consider is school gym staff. Many gym workers say they only come in once or twice a week and are paid as if they worked the entire week.

There are so many things you can do in your free time.

13. Bread Rack Staff

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A bread rack worker may not look stylish like other jobs, but some claim it’s easy for them since they are called in when they need to be stocked early.

Working only 18 hours a week but getting paid for 120 hours, isn’t that wonderful?

14. Slot Machine Owner

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Some claim that owning a slot machine is also a job. Once the machine is in a good position, owners claim to earn five figures per month.

All you have to do is restock the machine once a month!

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